What we do

Aloha operates as a member of the Hong Kong Science Park Incu-App Programme and has recently been granted an upgrade to the Icu-Tech Programme. The company hold its foundation in SEO – using its platforms, Site Health Enhancer and Quanery, to build an organic search digital foundation for its client’s digital presence. On top of building digital foundation, Aloha also integrate various digital channels to its client’s marketing mix based upon their business model and needs with the goal of transforming their business into the digital space.

Why we do

Aloha's core is to put our users and customers first. The true essence of digital marketing is to understand our core audience and provide them with content, products and services that are of their preference in an easy manner. To make this a reality, we strive to look at our client's business from every single digital touch point - their organic presence, website behaviours, channel roles and everything in between. With that same core value, we strive to bring in members that holds a similar ambition with a "get it done" mentality; work together as a team to lead our clients' into the digital space.

How we do

Our SEO platforms have been received with great feedback from clients’ side; giving them the ability to diagnose their website and understand their market audience. The company’s current client profile includes several multi-nationals and listed companies that can be found within Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Entertainment, Property and E-commerce sectors. The company also has digital footprints across the Greater China Region. Our continued expansion has led to growth within Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Want to know more? Come inquire with us now!