What we do

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Axiom, a recognized leader in the business of law, provides tech-enabled legal, contracts, and compliance solutions for large enterprises. We are comprised of 2,000 legal professionals, process engineers and technologists who serve over half the Fortune 100 across 15 regions and three centers of excellence globally. Our solutions combine legal experience, technology, and data analytics to deliver work in a way that dramatically reduces risk, cost and cycle-time.

Why we do

The big idea
Crushed by the weight of a century of precedent, the legal industry lumbered into the millennium. The burden of the billable hour, the partnership pyramid and an economy in flux had left associates tired, partners spooked, CEOs in open revolt, and GCs scrambling. Some chose to persevere and press forward as they always had. Others saw an opportunity for innovation. After all, with industry after industry being reborn through tech-led thinking and business acumen, why not legal services? From day one, asking “Why?” has been a defining part of our DNA. But real change happens as we have the courage and creativity to ask the follow up, “How?” Driven by a spirit of exploration, we have been at the center of the changing legal industry for two decades, asking the big questions on behalf of lawyers, GCs, and the industry as a whole.

How we do

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We hire legal consultants of all experience levels. We look for people with outstanding legal and business acumen of course, but we focus much of our time and energy on uncovering the intangibles. Proactivity, adaptability, judgment, a freshness of approach and the ability to work well within the commercial environment of our clients.