What we do

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Banyan Workspace combines a luxurious design concept with sustainable and ethical practices. This unique space, designed by Lauren Bullen of S.Lo Studio, seamlessly integrates the personal comforts of a home office with all the requirements needed for the successful running of a modern business. We believe Banyan is more than a workspace, it is a lifestyle. Strongly rooted in our strong sense of social purpose, Banyan is committed to giving back to our community in any way we can as well as working towards a greener world.

Why we do

East meets West, Home meets Work, Comfort meets Corporate and Business meets Community were all part of the balance we looked to find in our design ethic, user experience and operating ethos.
We’re proud and just a little bit in love with our beautiful Workspace. We don’t believe you need to sacrifice comfort and style to be environmentally conscious. .
Banyan Workspace is inspired by Hong Kong’s rich cultural heritage. Like the banyan tree, under which generations of merchants on the Silk Road gathered to meet and trade, we provide a sheltering home where business can prosper. Banyan prides itself on its commitment to the timeless business values of honesty, integrity and collaborative relationships. We are committed to the Hong Kong people, spreading our roots out into the community, where our partnerships with a selection of local non-profit organizations keep up grounded.

How we do

Support your local businesses! Instagram has just launched the @supportsmallpage sticker so everyone can share local businesses they love. So we thought it’s a good time to start sharing our favourite restaurants in #quarrybay.
Our recent “Giving Back Day” saw the @banyanworkspace team and members join forces with @feedinghk , helping pack boxes of dried food into boxes ready to be delivered to Hong Kong’s vulnerable communities.
Banyan Workspace has been designed with sustainability as one of its top priorities, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style to be environmentally conscious! Our use of locally and regionally sourced natural materials, recycled accessories, the use of natural light and the abundance of plants are just some of the ways that we are making the effort to reduce our environmental impact. Follow us on FB @banyanworkspace & IG @banyanworkspace to get to know the way we do things!