Why a home concierge means happy days

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he COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we do business and reshaping our lifestyles. The focus on our homes has intensified – how we use our private spaces from a work and career standpoint and from a family, leisure and wellness perspective. That’s why the idea of premium home services – the kind of concierge benefits you’d normally only find in a quality hotel – is more appealing now than ever before. We find out more about the services offered by Butler Asia.

Making your home the highlight of your HK life

It’s certainly becoming more appealing to expats in Hong Kong. With international travel restrictions still in place (boooo!), we’re all keen to enhance our “home away from home”. Whether we’re here on a short assignment or for the long haul, we want to maximise our time, right? If someone else can handle things like housework, daily chores and running around, it can provide peace of mind to focus not only on achieving more but also, well, having more fun!

Butler Asia home concierge services for a better lifestyle

That’s where Butler comes in. This exciting start-up is bringing high-quality hotel-style home concierge services to Hong Kong. The company, launched by a team of three former investment bankers, combines a hands-on home management approach with high-tech support. As they say, “This is home management for the 21st century. We’re building the future of home experiences, with the aim of restyling how people live their lives.”

If you’re someone who values the HK lifestyle, and who enjoys the most effective and satisfying work-life balance available, then you’ll definitely relish this prospect of restyling your day to day.

How it works

Enhancing your lifestyle via Butler’s home concierge service can start with a single task – getting a fridge or washing machine fixed, for example. Or, if you’re a new arrival in Hong Kong, it might start with a tailored package to help you get settled; for example, sorting out internet, installing your favourite channels from “back home”, pointing you in the right direction to buy the furniture you need, and more. Alternatively, you could opt for a weekly housekeeping service, or even a regular delivery of flowers.

Whichever it is, after you’ve used Butler once, it then serves as a single point of contact for any other assistance you need. You just shout out, and the team comes to your aid through its wide network of trusted partners across every service you might need. Then, you relax while the job gets done! There’s no need to go to the hassle of sourcing and booking tradesmen or trying to find a shop that sells that particular thing you need. Just let Butler take care of it all.

How you use the service can grow organically, too. Over time, you might decide you no longer want to waste precious hours on regular grocery shopping; or perhaps you’re too time-poor (or demotivated!) to cook meals. Butler can look after both.

Power up your domestic worker!

With so many home services on offer, Butler naturally works as an alternative to hiring a domestic helper. And that means you can avoid the headaches of interviewing, agency fees and the like. Also, since the services can be provided ad hoc or via a monthly subscription, you won’t feel locked-in as you might with a long helper’s contract.

But even those who already have domestic help in Hong Kong can use the service to their advantage. For example, you can free up time for your helper to do more family-oriented things – for example, taking the kids to school or for an outing, instead of queuing in a supermarket. Think of it as a helper “power-up”! The Butler team can also train helpers, to maximise their potential and effectiveness.

What next?

The first step is to download the Butler Asia mobile app and book an initial session. If you’re a first-time user, a “butler executive” will come to your home 30 minutes before your first scheduled session; this consultation gives them a detailed understanding of how you want your home to be managed. That way, they can more easily personalise your requests.

From this point on, the Butler app becomes the communication platform at the heart of the concierge service. Everything is integrated through the app – you’ll get notifications of task updates, along with home-management advice and reminders. A smart algorithm remembers your preferences and generates instructions to meet your goals.

For more on how you can quickly have Butler making a difference in your home, refer to the image below.

What else?

The company’s services (which currently cover Hong Kong Island and parts of Kowloon but will expand in time) are bound by tight COVID-safe policies. These have been in place since early 2020. In fact, the emphasis on safety and cleanliness extends to offering a special COVID-19 Sanitisation plan that you can implement in your own home.

Follow this link to find out more about Butler’s health and safety assurances.

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