What we do

We are an award-winning consultancy firm specializing in business consultancy, senior leadership training, and executive coaching. Our accredited mindPower™ Innovation model and customer mindDer™ application have assisted reputable companies/executives in achieving personal & business breakthrough with exceptional results. Our blue chip clients cover 17 industries : HSBC, Dior, Wharf Estate, and many others.

Why we do

Our mission is to empower our clients to attain quick-win results with long-term growth. To support our rapid business expansion in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore, we are now seeking a young and highly self-motivated A-List executive. The person should be an Achiever with good business development and account servicing track record.

How we do

Founded by award-winning MNC CEO, Ms. Annie Leung, CEO mindPower™ ltd is an unique consulting firm offering integrated quick-win solutions of business consultancy, corporate training & executive coaching via our accredited mindPower™ model with proven track record.