KPMG Smart Cities Conference: the importance of education in future city planning

When we were approached to participate in the online Connected Cities Conference - hosted by KPMG - our first question was this: does a smart city necessarily equal a better city?

Through our participation in the conference, we had a chance to interact with many people and businesses who share the same thoughts and concerns. Alongside these other businesses, we showed exactly how CICERO sees the future, and outlined our reasons for wanting to utilise gaming as part of our educational approach. Indoing so, we emphasised certain things that are true of the educational experience. These include:

  • the nature of online and digital learning in future educational trends
  • the popularity of gaming and how this is set to continue into the future
  • more technologically comfortable educators present it and moving through the sector
  • the need to align in-class and out-of-class study with popular interests

This was the focus of our short, 7 minute presentation as part of the Cocoon Lounge for new and emerging businesses. We wanted to expound on our passions, and we did so with our trademark professionalism and zeal!

The Connected Cities Conference was a chance to show once again why we are the answer to the future of study.

If you have questions, don't be afraid to get in touch!