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What we do

Galton Voysey’s vision is to be the leading developer of Direct-to-Consumer Brands. We develop brands, build supply chains and sell products by leveraging the power of the Internet. We own 100% of the IP in the brands we work on. Today Galton Voysey owns 31 brands and continues to add more through acquisition, in-house development and our entrepreneur in residence program. Galton Voysey builds and acquires brands across a broad range of consumer, lifestyle and home goods segments from Europe, US and all over the world. We transform products, brands and businesses with simple, remarkable ideas.

Why we do

Galton Voysey’s mission is to be the leading developer of Direct-to-Consumer Micro Brands. We help expert designers, craftspeople (in some cases multi-generational families) and brand founders bring their products and vision in front of millions of people through the power of social media and e-commerce.

How we do

For the first time in human history, digital marketing allows us to help develop micro brands that serve and target specific niches. We are not bound by the rules of traditional media (broad targeting) which leads us to building brands for “almost everyone”. We believe when you build brands for “almost everyone” you build brands for no-one. Between developing, acquiring and advising brands across a wide range of products categories, we have become home to 28 iconic labels. Headquartered and based in Hong Kong, we also have subsidiary offices located in cities like Helsinki, Tokyo and Paris. However, our reach goes far beyond that, in just a few years we’ve become prominent in over 50 markets worldwide.