What we do

We build, grow and scale exceptional direct-to-consumer brands while providing legendary customer experience. From the initial idea conceptualization to building the website, designing the product, finding the manufacturing partner, buying the inventory, managing the logistics, getting the inventory to our US warehouse, creating adverts, selling to our end consumer, and the after customer care, we manage everything in-house. We own 100% of all of the brands that we have in our portfolio.

Why we do

The current predominant way consumer products are distributed by 3rd parties and through middlemen is massively flawed and outdated. We, at our core, believe that by helping founders cut out the middlemen and reach out directly to their core audiences through e-commerce, we can bring value both to our brands as well as our customers. As a result, we build exceptional direct-to-consumer brands and reach customers all around the world, by leveraging the power of the internet.

How we do

We want to build an All-Star Team. We identify as a team, not a family. A family will stick by you regardless of your misfit or jerk-like behavior and continue to tolerate you no matter what. As a team, we consistently push each other to test our limits, learn from our mistakes and failures, and celebrate our wins together. This idea also comes with an understanding that your spot on the team is not permanent.