What we do

We recognize the importance of context and experiential information in the delivery of complete knowledge. The only mode of accessing these critical ingredients is through actual conversations. Lynk allows knowledge sharers and seekers to discover and connect with each other through instant messaging and one-on-one calls - all from within the app. Lynk was founded with a mission to democratize access to knowledge, by leveraging proprietary technology and employing high calibre people, from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are challenging the ‘traditional’ Expert network business model, to cultivate a community of users We connect world-class experts to users seeking their knowledge, and insights. Whether users have a quick question, or need an extended engagement, we can find the right person to help

Why we do

We live in a fast-paced, and ever-changing world, where information is thrown at us from every direction. Yet, finding trustworthy insights, that you can actually use, remains as challenging as ever, with contextual information often hard to access For an analyst at a trailblazing venture capital fund, or a management consultant tackling some of the toughest business challenges of our time, the insights used to make decisions, can massively impact the success of their firm, but also in some cases, a company’s survival Lynk embodies 5 core values, excellence, determination, problem-solving, compassion, and collaboration. Within the team we work together to achieve all values Our employees are able to interact with worldwide clients, and Experts, be mentored by specialists, gain exposure to a wide range of industries as well as many more benefits

How we do

Democratizing access to knowledge while having fun!
LYNK is reinventing access to knowledge. LYNK is a trusted community marketplace to connect with a growing network of 35,000+ Knowledge Partners for expertise and insights to gain on-demand business knowledge and arrive at improved decision-making and execution. Our Knowledge Partners include C-level executives, thought leaders, managers, specialists, consultants, lawyers, and accountants. Our mission is to democratize and efficiently distribute knowledge to everyone ranging from analysts at top private equity funds to an entrepreneur taking his first steps in the world of business. Check out http://lynk.global/ for more information!