A Day in the Life of the Client Solutions Team

By LYNK | 2018-05-30

About Me
My name is Henry Lee. I’m a Client Solutions Associate here at Lynk. I’ve been here for eight months and work mainly in our consulting cluster, catering to many blue-chip consulting firms who use Lynk to gain access to our network of specialized Knowledge Partners.

7:45 am Wake-up

I check my email while getting ready. I also make my own breakfast to make sure I feel energized for the day.

8:30 am Commute to work

Keeping myself updated about the world is imperative for my daily research at work. During my one hour commute to work, I like to read both local and global news on my phone. I prefer The Economist for global news and Initium Media for local news.

9:30 am Start-off my day

When I arrive at work I make sure to grab a coffee before getting to my desk. From here I make sure to organize my priorities for the day.

10 am Team check-in and research

Having a clear division of labor is necessary to maximize our research effort. We make sure to do a quick round of check-ins about our team priorities and the projects that we need to strategize on during the morning. We then start reaching out to Knowledge Partners that could provide relevant professional expertise and knowledge to our clients.

1 pm Lunch

With colleagues from around the world in the office, we have various preferences on food, so it’s hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate all appetites. Instead, we would buy our favorite food and eat together in the office as a team.

3 pm Client call

Many of our clients are blue-chip management consulting firms and they require a very fast turnaround by us to organize business consultations. We usually receive new client projects on a daily basis. Once we receive a project, we will get on a call as soon as possible to ensure we understand their needs, and figure out the project details.

5 pm Company project meeting

Working at Lynk requires us not only to stick with our own role, but to be collaborative and take up other responsibilities when required. There are different projects that I might occasionally be involved with. This could include working with other teams, helping out with marketing campaigns, recruitment campaigns, or even our expansion plan.

7 pm Happy hour with colleagues

Ending the day with a good drink with colleagues. We share our moments in the company and our hobbies outside of work. It’s a great way to relax and get to know each other better.

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