What we do

Founded by Lucie Somé, Nicolas Somé and Kevin Lesage, Grazing offers everything from premium cricket flour to protein powder to pasta, protein bars, and more.

Why we do

Drawing from their complementary backgrounds in the F&B and business strategy, the trio came up with the idea after noticing a growing demand for nutritious, sustainable sources of protein that don’t sacrifice on flavour. “We realised that restaurants, food suppliers and customers are all constantly looking for innovative and sustainable food sources,” explained Lucie Some. “That’s why we decided to specialise in edible insect snacks and ingredients.”

How we do

Lucie first learned about entomophagy – the practice of eating insects – from her father, who fondly recalled snacking on tasty bugs while he was growing up in a village in the land-locked country of Burkina Faso, in West Africa. “My father used to eat insects with his siblings because they are a great source of protein,” she recalls. “These days, there are many modern, sophisticated ways to consume insects – we are convinced that this is the future.”