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What we do

Hava is a name of Hebrew origin, means Life. We sincerely hope that our stakeholders can better enjoy their life. Our service scope includes Workplace Massage, Home Massage, Event Massage... As a leading onsite massage services provider, Hava strives to nurture a healthier and happier communities and make people entirely enjoy their life.

Why we do

As a Hong Kong based onsite massage services provider, Hava cares the well- being of our customers, employees and the communities in which they live and work. Community: -Enhance public awareness on corporate wellness -Promote healthy living -Provide voluntary massage regularty to Care and Attention Homes for the Elderly -Attract retirees and women into the labour market by adopting family friendly policies Industry -Against high-pressure sales tactics on pre-paid packages Employee -Family-Friendly Employer (Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme) -Happy Company (Happiness at Work Promotional Scheme)

How we do

As a professional onsite massage and facials service provider in Hong Kong, Hava strives to and sincerely hope that every of our customers and staff can better enjoy their life. By operating in accordance with our philosophies, we: -Serve from the heart -Continue to re-define industry benchmarks -Be the clients' and employees' choice