What we do

Hong Kong School of Music and Drama is a company that develops an online music education platform and establishes international music schools to provide teaching. We believe that music is for “everyone” and can be learnt “everywhere” and have embarked whole heartedly on a ‘hundred year’ project to help provide quality services to music students throughout their lifetime.

Why we do

In 2012, Hong Kong School of Music and Drama established its first professional international music school in Hong Kong. Over the years with commitment to providing a superior learning environment, we have developed the advanced teaching system and school management model of internationally renowned music academies. We continue to develop opportunities for musicians, educators, professional teachers and students and are committed to the exploration of music talents of the next generation.

How we do

In 2017, Hong Kong School of Music and Drama created the online music education platform. It brings together the world’s top music masters, educators and teaching resources and brings to life music education in combination with the “Internet of Things” for organising online and offline activities which are both healthy for music learning, and sustainable. Hong Kong School of Music and Drama hopes to create a platform which has no borders to those who love music and to aid the nationwide development of music education. Through strategic cooperation we intend to nurture communities of music masters, professional teachers, music students with the aid of new technologies so music teaching can truly exist without borders.