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What we do

Phonics is accessible, even to students with zero English.
Jolly Kingdom Centres are colourful and inviting.
Jolly Kingdom is a well-established and respected English language training centre. We have over 50 branches across Hong Kong. Jolly Kingdom is a vibrant, successful and jolly place to work and learn. We teach English through our systematic phonics, grammar and creative writing programmes to students from Kindergarten to Primary (age: 3 – 12). We also have classes for very young children, accompanied by a parent, where they have fun with English through play and songs. Our goal is to equip students with a strong foundation in reading, writing, speaking and listening. We teach in a pleasant and joyful way so that kids will learn with fun. With small classes (maximum 6 students) our teachers have a real impact on every student. Check out for more information on us and our other programmes.

Why we do

Jolly Kingdom Classrooms and Students
Go for it!
We want our students to grow up communicating in English as easily and naturally as they do in Cantonese. Our methods are effective and engaging. Students enjoy coming to Jolly Kingdom and we enjoy teaching them in a fun environment. We equip our students with the skills they need to excel in English at school and in life.

How we do

A Jolly Kingdom Phonics Class
Our teaching materials are colourful and engaging.
Our systematic phonics, oral, reading and writing classes are taught in a fun and joyful way. Our native level English teachers have a commitment and a passion for teaching and caring for their students. Small classes (up to 6 students) mean our teachers can have a real impact on every student. The students can go at their own pace: they are not forced to keep up with the rest of the class, or slow down to wait for everyone else. We ensure each student understands what we're teaching them. There's ample opportunity to revise what a student is trying to master, or add more challenging material for those forging ahead. Some tutorial centres have 8 or even 10 students in a class. We think that's too many: you can't give the students the individual attention they need - you're back to whole-class teaching where all the children have to turn the page at the same time, whether they understand what they are trying to learn or not. These centres are just chasing the money and packing kids into their classrooms to make as much as they can. Jolly Kingdom is different. We are teachers, not just entertainers. Our students get our individual attention every lesson. We learn and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Our methods make a huge difference to how well our students progress and how happy they are to be in our classrooms.