What we do

What are the trends in digital and big data?
Do you want to understand what goes on in a consumers brain (literally)?
We understand what makes people tick. We’re proud to be helping change the world in which we all live. Our clients are wonderfully diverse. We inspire, inform and work with them to create strategies whatever their objectives – improving brand awareness, attracting more consumers, increasing brand penetration, financial success, or growing peoples’ confidence in public services.

Why we do

Can you think out of the box?
Can you help clients stay in touch with global trends?
Kantar is a data and evidence-based agency providing insights and actionable recommendations to clients, worldwide. We have a complete, unique and rounded understanding of people around the world: how they think, feel and act, globally and locally in over 90 markets. We don’t just help clients understand what’s happened, we tell them why and how they can shape the future.

How we do

We have a young, friendly, international and diverse workplace!
Bonding with your team mates is as important as bonding with your clients.
We collect our data digitally and share our insights in real time – at scale and at speed. We have self-service solutions that return results the same day, and deep diagnostic ones that take longer. We use AI and machine learning to make existing offerings faster and cheaper, as well as to offer new services which couldn’t have been dreamt of a few years ago.