What we do

CRYPTO.com, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, formerly known as Monaco, seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Its MCO branded consumer financial services, including the MCO Visa Card, MCO Wallet app, and MCO Token embrace a vision of Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™.CRYPTO.com is headquartered in Hong Kong. MCO is redefining how money is being moved, spent and invested. MCO is democratizing blockchain technology by designing beautiful, simple and useful financial services that have a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives. For more information, please visit:www.crypto.com and mco.crypto.com.

Why we do

Co-founder & Managing Director Bobby Bao at Blockchain Open Forum
Mission - “Powering the Future of Money, Now!” Great ideas can come from anywhere, regardless of seniority and experience. CRYPTO.com is willing to delve below the surface to have a deeper understanding of any situation and its underlying driving forces. Constantly motivated in building a world-class product that users can be proud of, the team is ready to join and take part in building a game-changing company. Vision - “Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet” CRYPTO.com consists of a superb engineering culture surrounded by down-to-earth people. Every colleague is an equity and token holder with an attractive compensation, and are given huge responsibilities from Day 1. With an all-star team by their side, they are widely exposed to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and more cutting-edge technology. As they continue to grow, they hope to improve the lives of people through cryptocurrency.

How we do

Founded in June 2016, CRYPTO.com raised US$26.7 million through one of the most successful Token Sale events to date. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. CRYPTO.com encourages its people at the technical team to develop a “Hacker” mindset by approaching tasks agilely, and welcomes innovation from within. With their humble attitude, passion in learning new things and involvement in weekly sharings, they are empowered to take the initiative and make decisions to bring in results. Open-minded and mentor alike, employees always have a helping hand in achieving their career and personal goals. CRYPTO.com makes sure to look after its employees, providing medical coverage for them and dependents. They can better balance their work and personal time by having AL (starting from 20 days), along with birthday and work anniversary leaves.