Engineers - Shaping the Future of Money

By Wantedly | 2018-08-31

The cryptocurrency industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving, and the people who are spearheading this dynamic growth are none other than the engineers.

“Crypto”, “Bitcoin”, and “Blockchain” are not just buzzwords of an emerging industry. Digital currencies are already changing the way people define the use of money. This has created an even bigger opportunity for those looking to break new barriers in the field of fintech.

Building tomorrow’s solution, today.

Moving mountains behind monitors

At CRYPTO.com, we are building a platform to solve access and usability challenges in the blockchain industry, and we’re empowering customers with the ability to redefine financial services in their lives.

To develop, secure and enhance our range of consumer services, there is now more of a need than ever for CRYPTO.com to recruit and fill the roles of traders, cybersecurity facilitators, and engineers.

Software Engineers – How their importance play in within the fintech industry

Software engineers are key to the development of new technologies as they build consumer-focused platforms to make life easier for ordinary consumers. Their ability to analyze problems and invent creative solutions is what makes any tech-based company thrive.

Fintech talents share their thoughts

CRYPTO.com got some of its leading executives to offer their views, where they discussed topics such as the differences between working in a startup and a large corporation, and what the cryptocurrency future holds for engineers.

What Startups Have that Large Corporations Does Not

With the flexible and dynamic nature of startups, these four leaders believe they can be involved in the transformation of financial services through cryptocurrency.

Jason, a security specialist who has worked in a large software corporation, shared that there were plenty of opportunities, however, he said the decision making process is faster in a startup.

“The security environment with cryptocurrency is dynamic and developing very rapidly. I wanted to be a part of that."

Steffel spoke about the stronger impact one can bring to an early-stage startup.

“When joining big startups, like Uber, it’s already so big. Sure, you would impact a lot of people because it’s massively used, but there’s only few things you can do. In an early-stage startup, I can make an improvement on what we’re building and directly impact user experience.”

CRYPTO.com is forward-thinking

CRYPTO.com’s MCO Token is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

As CRYPTO.com grows, the team creates new ways to deliver the company’s vision to put cryptocurrency in every wallet.

“It’s important to keep in mind that what we do has to impact people (consumers). Make sure that everything you do is actually what they need; sometimes, you have to design something that they can’t even imagine they could have,” Steffel emphasized.

Jason is motivated by the road’s unpredictability, saying that it is when one gets to build something from nothing.

“It feels like the early 1999 period before the dot com bubble. We feel that there’s a huge uptake that’s going to happen very soon,” he said.

Steffel concurred, saying that as an engineer, one can experience so much new technology ahead of time.

"It's moving so fast, we have to anticipate the next big thing!"

They are optimistic with the direction CRYPTO.com is heading toward. They strongly stand by their passion for experiencing new, cutting-edge technologies, making the company a perfect place for software engineers.

Why join a fintech startup?

A vibrant and international team at CRYPTO.com; we celebrate success, achievements.

Cerulean believes Hong Kong to be the perfect place for those who are motivated to pursue a career in fintech.

“In this industry, 80% is self-education. If you have a strong drive. You learn fast and you like to develop your ways of learning things. Then, I think this industry is open to you,” she said.

Weiyi shares the same sentiment that fintech is an industry that is open to all.

“I have seen people with music background join the trading field, so your background doesn’t really matter. You have to handle pressure and solve problems well. During the day, there are many problems that pop up and they can have different levels of urgency,” he said, noting that one needs optimism on the job.

Steffel said encouraging friends to join a startup is advice in itself.

"Don’t look for big corporations, because the things that you will be exposed to are at a much lower level.”

He also said it always helps that one can find someone, perhaps a senior, to offer advice and guidance on their work.

A good team works hand in hand to learn and grow together.

Jason brings practical points to the table for those interested in cybersecurity.

“They (candidates) could go out and do some certifications. Although it’s not always about that (certifications), I really push for a ‘growth’ mindset,” he said, adding that he likes to train people up as long as they have the right skillset and are willing to learn.

CRYPTO.com is more than willing to support any tech-related training for their employees, including cooperation with top talents from other tech giants and banks.

A workplace that never stops honing the skills of its employees is what forms the group of learned and well-equipped tech talents today.

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