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What we do

OTwo is a multi-faceted media company with corporate design, events and digital marketing capabilities. Our prime objective is to become as essential to our clients as Oxygen, and we achieve that by catering towards every aspect of our client's creative, logistical and digital need. Through constant evolution and a persistent pursuit of excellence, Otwo has developed into a multi-dimensional entity that provides our client's with options far beyond what most media companies have the ability to provide, including creative campaigns & branding strategies, OOH advertising, activations and roadshows, conferences, dinner and dances, product launches, PR, parties, and more. And we are not stopping there. With plans to incorporate more services within our portfolio, we need talented & experienced team players to help us achieve our goals.

Why we do

Formed with the sole purpose of providing our clients with a one-stop events and manpower solution, O2 Incorporated (O2 Inc) is dedicated to creation, communication, and completion. We believe Creative Companies should never take "Impossible" at face value, and constantly challenge ourselves to evolve to be able to do and provide more. Being able to cater to our client's every need is not our goal - It's Our Calling.

How we do

Independence and Synergy. We believe every single member of the team should have the ability to work independently, with the team in mind. And when the situation calls for everyone to work together, the team should fit like equal pieces of the same puzzle. This is how we achieve What We Do.