What we do

ParticleX is a Hong Kong-based tech startup investor and accelerator. We were established with the vision of Hong Kong and Shenzhen becoming the next top hub of entrepreneurs and technology startups globally. We hope to be part of those elementary, fundamental forces that make it happen. Our support to our start-ups comes from our unrelenting thirst for new knowledge, and our ability to share that knowledge. Seed funding, business resources, fostering of collaboration, encouragement of cross-border business, academic networking, support deep tech R&D and help with future fundraising is what we do. It doesn’t stop there! We also provide physical coworking spaces where we can share ideas together. ParticleX isn’t just an investor and accelerator, it’s a culture of growth where we work together to foster a strong, vibrant startup ecosystem.

Why we do

The Beaker - Coffee Lab
The Beaker - Coffee Lab
ParticleX is our abbreviation for Particle Accelerator. This name came from the concept that the journey of entrepreneurship is similar to the reactions that happen within a particle accelerator. In a particle accelerator, elements of our physical world are accelerated to unimaginably high speeds and crash into each other. The results of these collisions lead to numerous important scientific breakthroughs, the discovery of new elementary building blocks and usher science and technology into a new era. We aim to achieve the same by providing this hyper-acceleration to tech startups, colliding them with different aspects of their fields, in order to generate new leads, concepts, and technological development. The results of these collisions would lead to disruptive businesses and technologies, a discovery of new prospects and propagate the startup ecosystem around the region into the bright and uncharted horizon.

How we do

Shenzhen Headquarters at Nanshan
InfleXion Lab at the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University
As a tech startup investor and incubator, our support to start-ups takes form in our broad network, top tier knowledge and smart business development decisions. For those who work at ParticleX, we don’t just provide a desk; we provide an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. You will constantly be surrounded by talented people who are chasing new ideas, building lasting relationships and honing their skills. The physical environment isn’t half bad either! In addition to providing working spaces, we offer members a cozy coffee bar, a dedicated event area, workbenches, multi-function rooms for meetings and many other facilities. Our headquarters provides a great collaborative environment for you to build your professional career.