What we do

Pinewood Group Holdings Limited is a vibrant and innovative company that always aspires to influence every aspect of life. The Pinewood Journey embarked in 2013 when Pinewood Wine was first established, providing the best valued wines to the market through online platforms. Today, Pinewood Wine has become “The Best Online Wine Wholesaler” with 18 exclusive brands, over 1,000 SKUs and hundreds of strategic partners accumulated. In 2020, Pinewood Store established and will continue to surprise the market with excellent food, beverages and later necessities.

Why we do

Founded in 2013, Pinewood Wine is “The Best Online Wine Wholesaler”, known for representing quality wines with the best value. The world of Pinewood Wine leads the market with 18 exclusive brands including some prestigious wine estates and family-owned boutique winery mainly from Old World, which are imported directly to Hong Kong & Macau.

How we do

Driven by pioneering spirit and passion, our young and energetic wine specialists always strive for excellence. With over 1,000 wines sourced, we continue to thrive with our partners by offering the best marketing and distribution solution. Cave du Marmandais has been our long term partner since day one and the brand has achieved record-breaking sales record. We’ve also invested in wineries and vineyards in the world’s best wine producing regions, We are committed to ceaselessly seek new partners and reach out to iconic brands to inherit the tradition and cultivate their own uniqueness to strengthen the appeal and reputation of the brands.