Preface Nomad @TED Talks

Mr Tommie Lo, our Founder & CEO, was invited to deliver a talk on how Deep Learning technology will provide personalised education that the society truly needs — right on the stage of TEDx, an organisation that needs no further introduction on how impactful it is for spreading ideas among the global community.

It was an unbelievable experience for us, and we already know that there will be more to come. 2019 is looking amazing ahead.

Here’s a quick recap of our presentation:

  • Classroom as a form of knowledge delivery was a legacy from Prussian Model of Education in the 1800s to meet societal needs resulted from the Industrial Revolution.
  • The classic model met the needs of the society perfectly when standardisation was sought after, but is failing hard in the present day society where uniqueness and creativity are the focuses.
  • The “1-teacher-to-many-students” model is a catalyst for communication gap: few students progress quickly while a huge number are left far behind.
  • Preface Nomad uses Deep Learning technology to tackle this problem: using feedback data collected from each lesson, Preface Nomad provides personalised lesson materials in a much more cost-effective manner, making it possible to adjust the teacher-student ratio to 1:1. Instead of spending too much time in preparing personalised lesson materials for every single student, teachers can focus their time on doing the actual teaching, and greatly improve the learning experience of every student.
  • Personalisation is the key for effective education; 1-on-1 learning model will replace the traditional form of classroom, in a speed we couldn’t imagine before the time of Deep Learning technology.
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