PREFACE COFFEEBrewing knowledge day and night

Preface Coffee is an attempt to decentralise the delivery of education.

We used to think of classroom as a utilitarian space in which our imagination found limits. However, classroom ought to be where curiosity takes off. Preface Coffee is an imagination of how the future of classroom would be - a space in which everyone is free to learn, express and share. Knowledge shouldn’t be exclusive, but as accessible as a neighbourhood cafe where anyone can engage in meaningful conversations over some good brews.

Preface Workshop

Preface Workshops are held regularly at Preface Coffee to engage learners in conversations on emerging knowledge that is essential for the tech era. Learners will be able to gain new knowledge while having a good brew together with other like-minds.


We realize renting out a party space in Hong Kong is as hard as it comes by. So we are open to the idea of sharing out this gorgeous space.

If you are looking to host seminars, workshops or even office parties, we have the perfect set ups ready for you.

Features at this space:

  • Two adjacent open seating benches that are 3 meters long
  • 3 wide projection screens that supply great visuals,
  • speakers and refreshment ready
  • all ready in this chic interior with great natural daylight.
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