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What we do

PressLogic - BusinessFocus
PressLogic - Holiday 假期日常
Established in 2016, PressLogic is a fast-growing technology start-up company. Its core businesses include MediaLens (technology & data) and digital media & content marketing, boasting operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Korea and Malaysia. Accumulating over 10 million Facebook & Instagram followers and over 800 million monthly content impressions on its social media accounts & websites, PressLogic has attracted the market’s attention. In 2018, PressLogic has raised its Series A+ funding of USD 10 million from Meitu (HK.1357), China’s leading image processing and social sharing platform. Our motto is ‘Continually Evolving’, while we scale up locally, we have been expanding to the globe. We target to create more original contents in different world-class cities, to accelerate the growth of our audiences and improve our services and technology.

Why we do

PressLogic - GirlStyle 女生日常
Presslogic - MamiDaily 親子日常
We also stepped into the media and advertising business with exceptional coverage in lifestyle contents. We serve engaging contents to millions of viewers through our company websites and Facebook fan pages. We are one of the fastest growing media companies in the world, with more than 2.8 million FB followers, plus 300 million content impression on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube etc. on a monthly basis. Our website currently ranked 23 in Hong Kong by Alexa and our advertisement business are trusted by various global branding.

How we do

PressLogic - Kdaily 韓粉日記
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