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What we do

SG Wireless is the only proven IoT services provider that offers design to manufacturing and everything in between, ensuring the smooth realization of IoT concept to market-ready product.

Why we do

SG Wireless was launched in 2019 by Season Group, a Hong Kong-based electronics manufacturer that boasts four facilities across the globe, to complete the Group’s long-term strategy to provide customers with global, vertically-integrated manufacturing support.   With an experienced leadership team at the forefront of IoT and backed by global manufacturing capabilities, SG Wireless takes our customers' IoT concepts to finished products. Through offering end-to-end services and ready-made products covering all aspects of design, development, manufacturing and everything in between, we significantly reduce our customers' time-to-market, optimize their business processes and enable their successful adaptation to a changing business landscape.

How we do

We excel at what we do with our design capabilities and thought process: - Design and testing of wireless IoT solutions - Development and manufacturing of hardware - Embedded firmware development - Application and middleware programming - Cloud development and operation - Day-to-day management of wireless devices, applications and networks - Development and maintenance of iOS and Android apps - Basic analytics - Integration with IT and other wireless networks and systems - Extensive wireless test lab facilities - Direct engagement with Season Group's global manufacturing plants