Innovation starts in the classroom

Our CEO, Tim Bos, was lucky enough to be invited to the 2018 Hong Kong Secondary Innovation and Technology Competition in Hong Kong today. Students from about 40 secondary schools in Hong Kong competed to build an IoT (internet of things) based solution for a smart-home. The only requirement for the project was that they use a Micro Bit controller as the brains behind their solution.

It was amazing to see the projects that the students (some as young as 13) presented, including; a rain sensor that brings your washing in, an air monitor that turns on your purifier when the air is dirty, an emergency exit system that tells you which exits are safe, and so many more.

One of our goals with building the ShareRing ecosystem and community will be to foster innovation like this, in schools, universities, and the startup community, with a particular focus on the sharing economy. We look forward to being involved in future events of this kind!

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