What we do

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SmarTone is a leading telecommunications company in Hong Kong and Macau, providing voice, multimedia and mobile broadband services, as well as fixed fibre broadband services for the consumer and corporate markets. SmarTone是香港及澳門首屈一指的全方位通訊服務供應商,提供話音、多媒體及流動寬頻服務,以及為家居及商務市場提供固網光纖寬頻服務。 In the business market, we have a team of experienced consultants and account managers offer customers advice and solutions to maximize possibilities and elevate business performance. 在商務市場,SmarTone的資深顧問團隊和客戶經理,憑著對不同行業的深入了解和識見,能為客戶提供最適合和有效的建議及方案,以拓展商機和提升企業績效。

Why we do

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Gold Award of Evolving Employer in LinkedIn HK Celebrations 2017.
Its goal is to deliver unbeatable and valuable experiences to customers through its powerful network, purposeful apps and passionate service. SmarTone致力提供強勢網絡、啱用apps及貼心服務,為客戶帶來無可比擬及物有所值的體驗。 Its holding company, SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Limited, was established in 1992 and has been listed in Hong Kong since 1996. The company is a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, one of the largest developers in Hong Kong. 其控股公司數碼通電訊集團有限公司於1992年成立,並於1996年在香港上市,為新鴻基地產發展有限公司的附屬公司;新鴻基地產乃香港最大的地產公司之一。

How we do

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At SmarTone, you can be the best you can be. It all depends on you. Everyone is empowered to make decisions and contribute to the overall success of the company, and we strongly believe in rewarding people for their work. Being at SmarTone will be both challenging and rewarding, whichever part of the company you join. 喺 SmarTone , 你 可 以 盡 展 所 長 , 一 切 只 取 決 於 你 自 己 。 每 個 員 工 都 賦 予 決 策 嘅 權 力 並 為 公 司 的 成 功 作 出 貢 獻 , 我 哋 亦 深 信 獎 勵 員 工 工 作 表 現 嘅 重 要 性 。 加 入 SmarTone , 無 論 從 事 邊 個 部 門 , 工 作 都 係 充 滿 挑 戰 性 同 機 遇 處 處 的 。 We encourage people to be passionate about their work and life. That is why our employees have the opportunity to take part in voluntary activities , compete in our SmarTone Challenge – an annual race that inspires passion, strategic thinking, creativity, and teamwork. 我 哋 鼓 勵 員 工 對 工 作 同 生 活 充 滿 熱 情 , 所 以 員 工 積 極 參 加 義 工 活 動 , 而 每 年 公 司 亦 舉 辦 SmarTone Challenge