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Bringing The World To Students With UBS

Part Of The Purpose Of Education Is To Show Students What World They Are Stepping Into And How They Can Contribute. To That End, Our Fellows Serving A Secondary School Partnered With UBS To Show Our Students What Roles They Will Play In This Ever Changing World.

People From Different Worlds, Connected

Sidharth, a Form 3 student from Pakistan, and Mark, a Chinese employee from UBS, seem to come from different worlds, yet this virtual meetup connected them.

“Mr. Mark listened to my experience and told me how I can explore my career with what I was interested in,” Sidharth pointed out after the Zoom sharing. They connected on their common academic interest of Chemistry and Economics right off the bet.

“While other speakers I met at school talked about their career, Mr. Mark talked about interesting things like how he studied Economics when he was a student. I feel that and that is interesting.”

Sidharth wished to meet Mark in person, “I couldn’t really ask him a lot of questions on the Zoom call, but I wished to talk longer with Mr. Mark in person.”

Creating A “What-If” For His Students

Tomy (Fellow 19-20) and 2 other TFHK Fellows spearheaded this virtual meetup with UBS. Coming from a modest background, Tomy resonates with the circumstances of his students. “I didn’t know what else I can do until I went to university,” Tomy recalled his journey, “my eyes were wide open to the possibilities the world could offer. But by then it was too late to chase for the opportunities. Others were way ahead of me on what they wanted to do and prepared as early as before they went into my university.”

Tomy wished his students to have a clearer goal earlier than he did, so they didn’t have to take the harder path like he did, “If I didn’t have an early start, I hope I could use my exposure to create a jumpstart for my students.

With the help of these mentors from UBS, Tomy hopes that his students can see where else they can pursue, “What I think my students need is a clear destination to run towards.”

Special thanks to UBS and their employees for volunteering time to mentor and sharing their experience to our students.

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