What we do

Good Morning Creative is a fast-growing advertising company under The Bees Group. We are a comprehensive creative agency which offers ATL, BTL, digital content and social media platform management. In addition, here are other digital channels under our exclusive distributorship: - 杜汶澤喱騷 Chapman To's late Show - 歡樂馬介休 BacalHau - 男人EEETV ManEEETV

Why we do

"Good morning!" A simple but heartwarming greeting can make people’s day better. Getting up in the morning is always exciting as there are new adventures ahead. We choose to rise and shine today! Good Morning Creative is devoted to provide the best service in digital marketing and channel distribution. Let’s seize the time of every morning and make it amazing!

How we do

As a subsidiary under The Bees Group, we share same beliefs with our mother group. We believe in fair shares, hard work and achieving a win-win situation for our clients, our staff and our shareholders. We feel that by giving a fair share of the rewards to its staff, a company will enhance its productivity and creativity. That will lead to clients receiving better service and greater value for their marketing dollars. In the end, everyone gains. The company will be more profitable and there will be a higher return for shareholders. In The Bees, we have a "3-3-3" profit sharing scheme. When our operating companies make profits, 1/3 of the profit goes to the staff as a bonus, 1/3 goes to the shareholders as dividends and the rest is reserved for future investment. A company cannot flourish or even exist without its staff, who contribute their time and skills, and the shareholders who contribute their money. Therefore, we believe that both staff and shareholders should have the same share when the company makes a profit. Visit us at FB @gdmorningcreative and on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/goodmorningcreative.