What we do

Buyhive is a network or qualified “On Demand” sourcing professionals, whom we call Bee’s, they source products and suppliers on behalf of buyers - anywhere, anytime. We Get Shit Done! We Are Team Players We Are Kind & Helpful We Are Organized & Process Oriented We Think Out of the Box We Are Not Debbie Downers We Act with Honesty & Integrity

Why we do

Attend Trade Shows anywhere using a network of qualified freelancers. We manage a network of qualified freelancer merchandisers and sourcing professionals, whom we call “Bees”, who attend trade shows on behalf of buyers, gather data, and deliver show reports to the buyers after the show.

How we do

A qualified Freelancer (we call them “Bees”) based on the client's sourcing requirements, Freelance Bee will prepare a customized Sourcing Report at the trade show with product photos, pricing, supplier details, and more. By that, we provide Simple Flat Rate and also no hidden commissions.