What we do

Garage is a boutique brand strategy and advertising company. We offer a full range of integrated services from providing brand identity development, promotion strategies and management, to design and video production. Garage develops simple, smart solutions to all kinds of organizations, including world-class brands and local start-ups. We specialize in creative solutions from Idea to Design to Production. We believe in creativity. We try to set up the new platform for the provision of creative spirit in Hong Kong and even region.

Why we do

Garage x Uber Shooting
4th Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) Awards Ceremony
We believe that Garage is where ideas are born, parts are tinkered with and groundbreaking products are churned out. We are a vibrant, passionate and an energetic team of mastermindswho are criminal in formulating killer concepts. Our craft helps you to tell astonishing stories. We do everything, from Branding, PR & Marketing Strategies to Creative Production.

How we do

Fashion Walk with Kate Spade Project
Mabelle的10週年 Project
Garage Ltd is an independent creative design and production studio formed by a passionate group of thinkers, artists, problem solver. With the collective of our intelligence and unique backgrounds, we are a creative team with complete production support. Specialized in brand development and creative solutions, from GRAPHIC and WEBSITE DESIGN to VIDEO AND EVENT PRODUCTION; we, ultimately provide PROMOTION STRATEGY and MEDIA PLANNING to help companies achieve their goal.