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What we do

Topo is a powerful network that connects all stakeholders of your supply chain. We cover the entire journey of your products, from sourcing, product development, ordering, production to quality, chemical and sustainability management. Our supply chain platform digitally transforms your business— regardless of your industry. Topo allows you to collaborate remotely, automate processes and analyze data within your supply chain in real-time to increase transparency and productivity while decreasing operational cost. Topo is a whole new breed of software tackling problems that existing PLM or Supply Chain Management systems simply cannot solve. Our integrated No-Code App Builder allows you to build fully customized interfaces, automated workflows and dashboards for your current and future use cases.

Why we do

Topo Solutions is the front-runner in bringing transparency and sustainability to the global supply chain, which is traditionally known for many complex practices. With Topo, companies around the world can digitally transform their supply chain to increase their productivity and efficiency, thereby reducing costs and empowering employees.

How we do

At Topo, we believe in being great at what we do, enjoying work, and getting joy from accomplishments. We prioritize career development and empower employees to learn and grow with us. Every day, we believe in encouraging sustainable and smart work (no burnout!) as we support collaborative and strong relationships between colleagues. Our culture is completely meritocratic and rewards individuals for their contributions to our company.