What we do

To provide a HK-based online platform enabling professionals and amateurs to share their valuable knowledge while making learning possible during pockets of time. 分享知識 傳播價值 推廣線上學習文化,令所有人利用碎片時間學習

Why we do

To empower trainers by enabling them to monetize their professional knowledge, enhance professional image, brand exposure and personal value in the market. To provide users with exceptional and high-quality learning experience. Users will be able to make good use of their pockets of time to expand personal capabilities, cultivate interests and acquire additional skills for the ever-evolving new era. 為導師將知識變現,打造專業形象,傳播品牌及個人價值 為用户提供良好及高水平的學習體驗,利用碎片時間提升個人才能,培養興趣及工作以外的技能迎接資訊萬變的新世代。

How we do

31 Education Limited (UKnowhow) is an innovative edutech platform aims to curate the online training ecosystem in Hong Kong. 卅一教育媒體有限公司(你懂的線上學習平台)是一個創新的教育技術平台,致力策劃香港的線上成人培訓生態系統。包括個人成長、創業理財、生活品味、體育健康、網絡營銷等等。