Job Post Tips I: Visuals ARE Crucial

You want to hire the right talent and they want to find the perfect job; this is the series telling you how to attract the millennials by providing their wants.

If you’re a Wantedly user, or simply someone scrolling on social media like Facebook or Instagram, what would catch your attention first?I bet most of you would say photos and videos and it is true to most of the people.

That is why photos in your job posts and company profile are important (so is your own profile picture)!

Here are a few tips that will help you create a more effective job post:

Authenticity & Uniqueness

▲ Company: Eatigo

We all appreciate each other being honest, don’t we?

Human dislike disguise and it would only be a waste of time if both parties fake themselves. Try not to use photos with the team looking uneasy or even stiff, if you don’t have fun photos as a team or at the office, now is the perfect timing to take a few.

Even though it is easy to grab stock photos online, they do not really reflect how your company is — Take a step forward, look for great internal photos, and customise job post cover image to draw more relevant candidates.

💡 Examples of good cover photos


▲ Company: KKday

In your company profile (which will also be shown on the job posts), you may upload up to 6 photos. This is an excellent way to provide more information and background of your company, as well as making the job post more interesting and attractive.

Showcase your teams and members, working environment, highlights from events, or simply moments having fun as a group!

Every success begins with a single step. If you start improving the job posts which is the first contact point with active job applicants, the reward can be far more than expected.

— We will share more on how to hunt for passive candidates in the next articles.


⭕ Use authentic internal photos
Customise job post cover image
⭕ Showcase your teams and members, highlights from events, or simply moments having fun as a group!

❌ Photos of the team looking uneasy or stiff
❌ Stock photos
❌ No photos at all!

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