📣 Hear from Zetl's interns! Joseph

Joseph joined Zetl in Summer 2020 as a Finance & Operation intern in his last year of his post-graduate studies. He worked closely with the founders building out our internal operations. Joseph impressed us with his ability and drive. He was soon doing customer-facing work too.

At the end of his internship, he successfully got a full-time job with Zetl!

🎯 What are three words you would use to describe our culture?

Transparent, Agile, Customer-focused

⭐ What was the best thing about working here?

The responsibility and the impact we have on businesses

🚀 How has working here helped you prepare for your career?

Landed me my first full-time job!

🙋‍♂️ What type of person is suited to interning at Zetl?

Independent, eager to learn, good at communicating with a team