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Software Engineer

Passionate Software developer Wanted


What we do

We are an InsurTech start-up provides a digital platform to connect advisers and their clients.
By using BigData and AI technology, we help
-User to analyze their portfolio letting them realizes their real insurance needs.
-Adviser to create business opportunities and help them providing personalized service.

Why we do

Why startup
Life is short, make some impact on the society! We sincerely want to do something for the society, even its tiny something.
Success to us is to help the public get better protection. Even we just help one family realize their protection gap, it's really a big achievement for us.

Why insurance
Insurance is a matter of all people and there are still lots to complain.

Why us
We worked in the field for a long time, we deeply understand the problem.
We are passionate and honest. We believe contributing the society is way more meaningful than solely earning money.

How we do

Our philosophy of “work”
In PortfoPlus, you would never be an employee to take boss’s order. There is no boss, you would be part of the team, an energetic team with an innovative mindset and everyone get the same opportunities to bring ideas and go for the vision together. You would be given lots of opportunities to take lead and accomplish something meaningful.


We are searching for people with same value:
-Vision > Money

-Find career > Regular job

-Take initiate > wait for orders

-Find solution > Follow instruction

-Entrepreneur Mindset

-Enjoy being part of something that would make an impact to the society.

-Enjoy working in an energetic environment with smart people

Something you may be interested:
-Tons of online training courses

-Free Gym facility

-Cosy Seaview office

-Basketball court

Your Role:
There are wide range of job duties which would be assigned based on each individual's interest.

-mobile App developing (React Native),

-data analysis ,algorithm developing

-Digital marketing

-UI/UX design (App design/ marketing material )

-Others (talk to us)

Most importantly, we need someone with the passion for coding and software development

More info:

我哋搵𡁵 Software Engineer
工作性質 全職
特點 同朋友一起Visit / 免費小食/午餐




FinTech SmartSpace Level 4 Core E, Cyberport HK

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