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iOS Developer
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iOS Developer Wanted

Pureform Technology

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  • Founder and CEO
    - Business Development
    - Machine Learning
    - Big Data Analysis
    - Biomechanics Analysis

  • CPO
    - Designing UX for Pureform's Products
    - User Research
    - Project Management

What we do

  • App for professional running analysis

We are building smart running anklet that can measure >20 injury and performance related biomechanical parameters. Coupled with our AI algorithm and biofeedback technology, we are the ONLY product in the market that's scientifically proven to prevent injury and improve performance. Our product also integrates your goals, technique and form to deliver a truly personalized training experience and program to empower you to achieve your goals.

Why we do

Running is one of the most popular sport on earth, but 1 in 2 runners develop injury every year. Inexperienced runners also waste 50-60% more energy than experienced runners. At Pureform Technology, we are passionate about empowering athletes to achieve their best through state of the art AI algorithm and proven biofeedback technology that can reduce injury by more than 60%. We deliver real-time audio coaching to correct your running form and provide customized running program that can allow you to realize your potential.

How we do

We are now launching our alpha trial to runners and we are looking forward to creating a world where runners can run further, faster and injury free

As a new team member

Pureform Technology is a seed-funded startup developing the next generation AI running coach for injury prevention and performance enhancement. We are a group of biomechanist, neuroscientist and machinine learning scientist, using scientifically proven biofeedback coupled with smart sensor technology to measure biomechanical parameters and provide real-time audio feedback. Our feedback technology is proven to reduce injury rate by more than 60%.

We are now recruiting iOS developer to build our mobile application! Join us to disrupt the fitness industry!


Develop iOS application and backend technology using various programming language including Swift, Objective C, Python.
Work along with Hardware Engineer, UI/UX designer, Machine learning engineer and Scientific team to implement design and realize the product!
Design, maintain and debug the mobile application


Bachelor / M.Sc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent field.
Strong programming skills with Swift, Python and Objective C
Familiar with cloud solution including google cloud
Previous mobile app programming experience is required
Previous experience with IoT application is a big plus

We look for

Programming ninja that's excited by agile and high growth environment
Passionate about Fitness and A.I
Able to work on a tight R&D schedule
Able to collaborate and communicate clearly
Current students and Fresh Graduate welcomed!
Full time / Part time job both available


iOS Developer Wanted
Pureform Technology