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Global startup from Silicon Valley



  • Yuki ‘Charles’ Mochizuki
    A serial entrepreneur from Japan. He started his first company when he was in college, expanded into 200 employees and $10 million of revenue. In 2014, he sold his businesses for $20 million to focus on his bigger project and change the world drastically.

What we do

  • We are from San Francisco.
  • International Team

- We are a global startup from San Francisco. (Based in Tokyo now)
- Our CEO has successfully sold his last startup for $20 million.
- We are launching multiple products for global market in 2018.
- We are an international team with members from Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, etc.
(Our Introduction Video)  https://youtu.be/fpxHMApNJcs

Why we do

  • A one-on-one video dating app
  • We aim to be the next one-billion company in next 5 years.

● Our Vision
- Short Term:
We will build a foundation for the next “Unicorn” such as Uber and Airbnb and will grow the business into one of the biggest platforms in the world.

- Long term:
We will change the world beyond the aspects of business. Leveraging the capital and social influence acquired through business, we will rebuild the framework of society and improve the world essentially.

● Our Products
A one-on-one video dating app for only those who passed the screening process.
- BeHeard( https://www.beheard.com/
Video Communication App. 10-min Talk to Brighten Up Your Day.

● Past Products
- Meeple: Group Dating App
- Pathlit: Skill/Knowledge Sharing platform
- TalkPass: Online Education Service
- Goten: Chat-based Real Estate Agency for Expats
- OriHime: Connecting Women and Men from the Countryside and City
- Givett: Social Barter App

How we do

  • Our CEO successfully exited his previous startup for $20 million.

● A Message from the CEO
I have a goal in my life and that is to change the framework of society and the whole world. In the next 5 years, along with my team, we will create one of the biggest businesses in the world to obtain capital and social influence needed to move forward towards change.

Next, we will collaborate with change-makers such as politicians, thinkers, scientists, etc. And gathering the best-minds on this planet, we will rebuild the society and make the entire world a better place as a whole.

Our new product will become a foundation of this endeavor. It will connect individuals globally, make their lives better, and improve the world. We have just started this new project and now we’re looking for a crew who wants to change the world with us.

As a new team member

We are seeking new project manager who are passionate, dedicated, and eager to work at a startup.

Project Manager

- Experience for living in US at least 3 years
- English fluently
- Experience for buisiness developing
- Interested in a startup environment

- Create the new business from Startup to Unicorn in the next 5 years.
- Marketing, Promotion, Business Development, Project Management, etc.
- Founding a company from zero with us.
- It will be you, yourself, who will find your role and bring values to the team.

- Work and learn with serial entrepreneur who have experienced business divestiture for $20M
- Learn 0→1 of launching new business.
- Young, passionate, energetic, and friendly colleagues.
- International team (Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippines, etc)


「世界を抜本的に変革する。」をビジョンに掲げるCEOインタビュー ③ 〜CEOからのメッセージ〜
「世界を抜本的に変革する。」をビジョンに掲げるCEOインタビュー ② 〜事業売却から新しいチャレンジ〜
「世界を抜本的に変革する。」をビジョンに掲げるCEOインタビュー ① 〜資本金1円での起業から事業売却までの道〜
  • 成立於2012/09
  • 有38個成員
  • 正在擴充海外業務 /
    獲得超過$300,000資金 /
    獲得超過$1,000,000資金 /
  • 拠点:サンフランシスコ / ベルリン
  • Global startup from Silicon Valley