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Digital Marketing Intern
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Looking for a digital marketing intern who loves snapping and sharing healthy lifestyle!

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  • Jaslyn Koh

What we do

Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells, is a social platform to meet people over health & fitness. Discover like-minded people who share your lifestyle - your SweatBuddy, workout buddy, gym buddy, accountability buddy, your tribe!

Meet people who share a common interest of sweat and eating well, who go to the places you go, and are interested in checking out similar gym and healthy cafe hangouts as you - even while travelling for work/leisure.

Why we do

To empower individuals to find one another and be inspired and accountable to be happier, healthier and be better in their lives together. We believe in the power of meaningful social connections and a healthier, more connected world.

How we do

Through our online website, social fitness events and in-person meetups, we provide busy professionals and weekend warriors a chance to bond. A chance to work out together and visit local healthy food havens. To share stories, business ideas and be inspired.

We strive to be the convenient and intelligent social platform for health-conscious people to discover meaningful connections.

As a new team member

Work in a fast-growing startup in an exciting industry - health & wellness. Team has previous corporate and startup experience in the tech, banking and strategy industries.

Expect to deploy user engagement strategies at fast speeds.

Looking for someone with digital marketing background and a keen learner in an open communication environment.

This internship is rewarded by lifestyle perks to support your healthy lifestyle like fitness classes, events and snacks.


Looking for a digital marketing intern who loves snapping and sharing healthy lifestyle!