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Wanted: Part-time Front-of-House for fun boutique fitness studio in Central, Hong Kong



  • Hairin Bahren

What we do

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WeBarre was founded on the belief that fitness should be empowering, fun and community-driven. With a motivational workout led by our carefully-chosen superstar instructors, an inspiring environment and outstanding customer service we believe that every workout can be a transformative experience. With 4 other studios in Singapore, WeBarre plans to expand regionally and believe that we are always #strongertogether

How we do

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Build strength and sculpt your body through graceful but impactful movement, fueled by uplifting music and in the company of like-minded barre enthusiasts. WeBarre doesn't just aim to change bodies, we empower you to be stronger & more confident - even beyond our studio walls. Try it, we promise it'll be your happy place from the moment you step through our doors!


We are hiring for part-time front-of-house positions at WeBarre and are looking for people who are driven, have strong attention to detail, love fitness and working in a positive work environment. Send in your cover letter and resume if this motivates you and you love brightening someone else's day! Must be able to work morning shifts.

我哋搵𡁵 Front-of-House
工作性質 合約/兼職
特點 同朋友一起Visit / 歡迎學生




49 Hollywood Road, 13F Hilltop Plaza

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