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STEM instructor
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WANTED passionate STEM instructor to inspire kids

STEMex Ltd

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What we do

STEMex offers STEM courses to kids of age 4 to 14. We believe education should be fun and relevant - students can learn through fun activities, that can take the form of a mission that's relevant to the world we are living in - asking robot to fix a pipe, building skyscrappers using spaghetti and gum drops, or building natural filter. Through fun activities kids can learn science, technology, engineering and math in an interdisciplinary manner.

Why we do

We believe kids should be given space to manifest their creativity, and a safe environment to fail, but we don't quite see there is much such space in Hong Kong. We emphasise on design-testing-improvement-testing. Failure in the process is only one more step towards success. Students can build confidence in the journey when they see progress is made. Students are also encouraged to explain their designs. Cramming and model answers shouldn't be the way of learning. We are trying our best to breathe some fresh air into the HK education system

How we do

We are the official supplier of Engineering for Kids in Hong Kong - a USA based STEM course provider that has franchisees in over 30 countries and 180 locations. This status entitles us to use all STEM course materials from Engineering for Kids. We offer regular courses, holidays camps, birthday parties, after school classes, in-school classes etc.

As a new team member

We are teaching STEM courses in schools and other learning centres. We see the need to hire more to meet the demand. The medium of instruction is in English, but for some local schools, students may have difficulties in following so it's good to have teacher who can speak in Cantonese. Proficiency in Mandarin adds credits, too

Full time teacher native or fluent in English

2)Job description
2.1 Deliver STEM courses and complete projects in local and International schools throughout the territory, and in STEMex Learning Centre
2.2 Create fun learning environment, motivate students to learn, enhance the learning experience of students
2.3 Procure, prepare, pack and deliver course materials
2.4 Support the smooth running of the Learning Centre.
2.5 Keep the proper functioning of computers and softwares

3.1 Holder of relevant degree in Science, Engineering, Computer Engineering or Education
3.2 Share vision with the company. Interested in STEM activities
3.3 Diligent, hardworking, outgoing, willing to learn, careful, happy to work with kids, can communicate with kids, can work independently
3.4 Possess skills in classroom management and enjoy engagement with kids
3.5 Experiences in tutorial will be an advantage

STEMex Ltd
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  • WANTED passionate STEM instructor to inspire kids
    STEMex Ltd