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3D designer (Toy)
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我地搵緊 Art Toy 3D Designer /原型師!有3D知識嘅你快啲Visit我地!


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What we do

STREAMS is an IP operation service provider that engages in businesses of art toy producing, art toy retailing, artists agency and exhibition organizing. Not only do we have galleries and showrooms in Beijing and Hong Kong, but also established professional product development, manufacturing and production team to enable the design concept of artists to transfer into tangible art toy or art pieces.
We also work with artists/illustrators by transforming their works into vinyl collectible toys. By holding various exhibitions and events, we aim to share and promote artists and their works in order to bring more exposure and influence to the international community.

Why we do

The idea of naming STREAMS is that we aim to serve as a platform not only for showcase and promoting art toys created by some of the leading artists/toy designers from around the world, but also to establish an unlimited connection for toy collectors and artists just like the water streams.

How we do

We have galleries and showrooms in Beijing and Hong Kong.


產品設計 (玩具) ,需求創意由平面概念圖轉化成 3D 繪圖, 喜愛動漫及玩具,有藝術感,懂 Zbrush, 3D software 優先。

要求: 文憑/證書課程,Knowledge in Zbrush , 懂 Photoshop, AI.

  • Room 611, 6/f Elite industrial Centre, NO 883 CHEUNG SHA WAN RD Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • 我地搵緊 Art Toy 3D Designer /原型師!有3D知識嘅你快啲Visit我地!
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