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Data Labeler
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Data Labeler (Part-time/Freelance) WANTED! Flexible working hour, home office, paid per project!


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What we do

Cloudbreakr is a marketing technology company based on Big Data Analytics. Powered by Machine Learning, we help brands analyze and engage with influencers that optimize marketing performance. The company offers both platform software & full solutions covering 7+ Asia regions. Our engine analyzes social data across Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to generate Media Profiles, Influence Scoring, Interest Targeting, and Content Analysis. 

Why we do

Cloudbreak refers to one of the most famous surf spot in Fuiji, as we believe “Influencer” is going to be the NEXT BIG WAVE of the world, we want to help you to surf on it and enjoy the magic of influence — to be a “Cloudbreakr”. We aim to help marketers find and work with trustable influencers, own media channels among different industries based on analytics.

How we do

With our unique AI application and model, we help brands connect the dots of impact on social media through our marketing analysis software. With the software, marketers can perform instant research and planning based on the topic search on multiple languages or image search that match the required attributes. The tool kit built is the best solutions for marketers that need data on marketing strategy planning, competitor monitoring, content generation, creative marketing ideas or influencer marketing.

With all the well-defined metrics and categorizations provided by the algorithm and AI model, marketers can easily understand the trend behind social media across multiple APAC regions and facilitate the research, planning, and execution on their respective marketing activities. The company provides software subscriptions, customized analytics services, and full campaign solutions.

As a new team member

About the Role
As Data Labeler (part-time/freelance), you will be responsible for the labeling of data from social media, such as classifying the category of written language and images from various media channels. You will be working with our data scientist team to label and prepare the training data for the AI model. Our products collect public profile and channel data from various social media in multiple Asia regions. Through augmented intelligence applications, the system will process the profile content and generate insights for users to better manage marketing activities.

Requirement & Job Scope
• Fluent English reading and speaking is required
• Familiar with social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
• Work with the data team to label and prepare training data from social media
• Label the data to different categories
• Contract-based or internship shall be a full-time basis working from Mon-Fri within the working hour, while the salary shall be on a monthly basis
• Part-time or freelance shall be paid on either hourly rate or base on a task basis

Team Culture
• Live our values:
Dare to fail and learn from mistake;
Be Persistent to Your Work and Belief;
Be Proactive to Initiate Discussion and Challenge;
Be Flexible to Adopt to Fast-changing business requirement


  • Flat H-J, 4/F, Phase 1, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
  • Data Labeler (Part-time/Freelance) WANTED! Flexible working hour, home office, paid per project!