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Full-Stack Engineer
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In search for Full-Stack Engineers to build out the infrastructure for next-gen students.

Kosmic Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd.

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  • Matthew Ng

What we do

Talking to students, we realized that they are very frustrated in schools particularly in mathematics because they don’t have a systematic way to master the materials effectively. The resources come piecewise from everywhere - a bit from online forums, some from tutoring centres and also a portion from schools, hence spending a significant portion of their study time to consolidate resource has been one big problem for them. On top of that, the resources they get is un-personalized, which means that only a portion of students can understand the materials fully and effectively. Through Kosmic, we are aiming to build up a solution for these two problems, starting with Mathematics.

Why we do

Throwing back to our experiences as a student, we realized most students are frustrated in schools because they don't realize a systematic way to study can improve their learning efficiency by tenfold or even hundredfold. Hence, we are building a video platform that can ultimately consolidate quality resource, personalize videos by learning style so that students can master the materials effectively simply by subscribing Kosmic anytime anywhere.

As a new team member

Kosmic is revolutionizing education, starting with high-school education. As once students ourselves, we realized that most of the students nowadays lack a systematic way of studying, hence struggling to master materials effectively. We believe that in high-school, students can greatly reduce their time in preparing for exams given the right teacher and a systematic way of studying; we have an unwavering commitment to provide high-school students with the best resource to ace their exams, even at 2am. Our first step is building an on-demand examination-oriented video streaming service for high-school students.

Kosmic is an engineering company working on next-generation solutions for education so everyone can learn more effectively. Our engineers build and maintain next-generation technologies that will change how millions of students all over the world learn and master the knowledge from a compelling knowledge hub we built from ground up. Our product needs to handle, and most importantly organize knowledge under rapid growth. We are looking for Full-Stack Engineers with backend and frontend skills to build products on our featured video-streaming platform across the full-stack as we continue to push humanity forward.

- Develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software.
- Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

Preferred Qualifications:
- Software development experience in an agile environment, and with one or more general purpose programming languages.
- Prior experience with modern JavaScript front-end technologies (Angular/React/Vue), and modern backend technology stacks (Laravel/Spark or Express/Koa).
- Experience working with web application development with SQL and NoSQL databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB.


In search for Full-Stack Engineers to build out the infrastructure for next-gen students.
Kosmic Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd.