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Advertising Account Executive
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Step Foot into the new era of Display & Advertising

ARTRO Digital Limited

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  • Eric HO

What we do

ARTRO Digital aspires to work closely with our client and provide the best cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to strive for desired result. We have provided service to 100+ corporates. With our client portfolio ranging from professional service providers to brands targeting at millennials, we have experience and expertise to execute professional solutions with up-to-date creativity that caters to the taste of youngsters and the general public and guarantee to generate impact for your institution.

Why we do


Imagine how eye-popping it will be to have a floating 3D animation of your products being displayed at your storefront. Not only does Infanity 3D boosts your sales by attracting traffic to your store. It will also turn your storefront into the most popular check-in hotspot in Hong Kong.

We don’t entertain but engage with your customers.

We utilize your unused space to maximize marketing effectiveness instead of just posting a regular poster that no one is aware of. Infanity 3D will better utilize your storefront wall and do real marketing for you.

How we do

The future is NOW

Infanity 3D projects 3D holographic animation that makes digital more human-compatible. With the hologram fan, we can now make 3D objects float in mid-air. It is surreal. Your customers will be thrilled with experimental marketing campaigns and interactions made with the holographic display which are more fun and engaging. It's easy.

As a new team member

Responsible for day-to-day project management in an accurate and timely manner
Creatively propose marketing campaign for corporate clients
Coordinate with various internal and external parties to implement the best class of advertising campaigns as a team
Opportunities for overseas exhibition & market expansion
Vibrant startup environment

ARTRO Digital Limited
  • Unit C, 4/F, China Insurance Building, 48 Cameron Road, TST, HK
  • Step Foot into the new era of Display & Advertising
    ARTRO Digital Limited