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Front desk manager
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Enthusiastic person who loves development and challenges.

Green Apple International Dance School

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What we do

About us

“Green Apple” International Dance School is
the place where you learn, develop, achieve and
succeed in life. The idea of creating this school
born between group of professional, globally
known dancers, coaches and dance enthusiasts
for the future generations and best of kids
Being high professionals, parents and a huge
dance lovers we have decided to provide in Hong
Kong a professional way of kids development in
ballroom dancing. We build and establish a
learning program for children from their early
years to develop their personal skills, their
physical and mental abilities, introduce the
beauty of ART...
We will open the amazing world of dance to
you and will guide you to build the best possible
career in this world…

Why we do

We believe that a world of art, sport, dancing can give such a great impact to somebodies live, future. Children who learn how to respect, communicate, be focused , to achieve, be responsible , understand beauty, develop their bodies and having fun is our mission. We are a team of professionals who believe that dancing can give a huge boost to child's development.
As well dancing classes is always a great environment for adults of mixed age, profession or preferences to relax, have a mental recovery after work, develop their bodies, interact to new people and simply enjoy dancing. Fun and enjoyable movements to the music is proven to have a tremendous positive effect to humans health.

How we do

We are going to provide you a team of top professionals who can guide you or your child through the world of dancing. Enthusiasm, love to what we do is a key feature of our team. We will establish a unique to Hong Kong children development program in ballroom dancing and physical development. And one of a kind recreation and social dancing atmosphere for adults to enjoy their time and improve their health and body.

As a new team member

Full time reception manager
Newly opened dance school is looking for the reception manager with administrative and accounting skills.
Main duties:
• Communication with clients and potential clients
• Advertisement and sales
• Online and phone communication with customers (phone calls, email, messengers, social media, internet resources)
• Administration and management
• Record keeping.
• Accounting.
Personal skills:
• Fluent English, Chinese languages.
• Excellent communication skills
• Open-mind, willing to learn
• Organisation skills
• Accounting and record keeping skills.
• Responsible and reliable

Green Apple International Dance School
  • Retail 2B, G/F, Alto residences, 29 Tong Yin Street. Tseung Kwan O
  • Enthusiastic person who loves development and challenges.
    Green Apple International Dance School