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AIA Portfolio Management

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  • Billy Cheng

  • Harris Ng

  • Ian Li

  • Harris Ng

What we do

For almost a century, AIA has served the ever-changing needs of millions of people all around the Asia-Pacific region.

AIA is the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group – with a presence in 18 markets around the Asia-Pacific region.
Portfolio Management District was found in 2010, through all these years, both the sales volume and the scope of business had a remarkable growth. The reason behind it is because of a successful set of ideas, which make our colleagues to get more excited and passionate about this job. As a result, we become the leader in the industry.
Our district keeps doing well in "customer service" and "product innovation', and we mainly focus on financial management and risk management which include different platforms. Platforms include risk management, retail banking, wealth management, private banking, brokerage services. medical consultancy and loan facilities. Moreover, our team will also focus on high net wealth customers, in order to provide the best service too all clusters of people.
Our team, (Billy's team) have different talents who specialized in different kinds of categories. Moreover, Billy was the member of MDRT in 2017, and he is also a member of 2.5times MDRT in 2018.

Why we do

Our Purpose is to play a leadership role in driving economic and social development across the region. That is our service to societies and their people. We believe that the connection between people was very unique and subtle, and we want to become the bridge of the relationship and provide all kinds of support. Under this circumstance, we want to be one step forward than others. We will foresee the future of our clients and customize the perfect plan for them.

How we do

First, be smart and collaborative, we believe that teamwork is always the strongest spear to overcome all the obstacles. By combining all the ideas and talents we got, we can easily figure out the best solution to help our clients to solve all the problems. Problem solver is not what we do, it's who we are.
Second, stay hungry stay foolish, we always say that do not satisfied with the current status, we should always aim for a target that is harder than before. We do not only want to be the participants in the game, we want to be the winner of the game. Excuses will not take us to success, we should get out of our comfort zone and achieve greatness.
Third, integrity is always the most important thing in a relationship. Trust do matters between us and clients. We believe that telling the truth to our clients is always the right thing, no matter how hard the truth is. We don't hide any agendas, we discover it and overcome it.
Fourth, all in, we are not talking about gambling but once we step in, there is no half way or short cut to success. We are passionate in what we do, Everything can be our boost even pressure, we will always stay together and holding each other's hand to the majestic finish line.
And lastly there is a formula we always believe in, which is (business source x closing ratio = 100%), this will always be the winning formula to all of us.

As a new team member

Job duties and Nature:

1. Professional Financial Services Provision to Clients' Risk and Wealth Planning,
2. Actively manage client's Portfolio (equities, fixed income,funds, insurance)
3. Prepare periodic and ad-hoc presentation and material (Retirement Planning/ Risk
Management Planning/ PRC Business Planning/ Corporate Solutions Provision, etc).
4. Team Management Attempt Planning Strategies for Constructing Team Learn Recruiting
and Managing Team Share Marketing Strategies in Team.
5. Self Continuous Improvement Achieve Professional Destinations (Million Dollar Round
Table, CPFCM, ChFC, RFP, RFC, etc.)
6. Acquire Up-to-Date Financial Knowledge and News Develop Better Interpersonal and
Communication Skills

Job Requirement :

-Bachelor degree from recognized Universities
-HKID card holder or IANG Visa holder
-Good communication skills
-Willing to learn and able to work under pressure

We are waiting for you


Join Us-To Unite and Engage Your Career!
AIA Portfolio Management