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Dining Services Staff @GINZA Wanted!


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  • 飲食での経験は浅くとも29ON女将まで成長させて頂きました。

  • 株式会社29ONで29ON事業部の責任者をしてます。DXを取り入れた飲食店として、最前線を走り続けます。

  • 将来の夢は「サービスマンの価値や評価の向上」子供たちが将来の夢を聞かれた時に「サービスマン」と答える世の中を創ること。

What we do

[coffee mafia]http://coffeemafia.jp/
[GOMAYA KUKI]http://gomayakuki.jp/
[re:Dine GINZA]https://ginza.redine.jp/

New tools such as smartphones, social media, and crowdfunding are continuously being developed and used in new ways.
However, there are still very few restaurants that are taking advantage of these tools. Favy is continuously developing new ways to utilize the latest technologies to help restaurants increase profitability.
The best example of this is Favy’s distributed-model gourmet media platform ‘favy’ or it’s service ‘Favy Page,’ which is a platform that supports automation of a restaurant’s digital marketing.
[favy Page]http://info.favy.jp/

Favy also operates several proof-of-concept restaurants which utilize Favy’s marketing tools:
[coffee mafia]http://coffeemafia.jp/
[GOMAYA KUKI]http://gomayakuki.jp/
[re:Dine GINZA]https://ginza.redine.jp/

Why we do

Building a world where restaurants don’t easily fail is favy’s goal.
It’s said that 70% of all new restaurants close within the first 3 years of opening.
Many people who start a restaurant so they can do what they love are unable to keep going, and we want to change this circumstance.
We believe that everyone’s happiest and most productive time is spent when they are doing what they love.
We are focused on creating an environment that lets lots of people focus on doing the things that they love, allowing them to turn what they love into their job.

How we do

Our team is made of digital marketing specialists and people from the food service industry, coming together with the goal of ‘building a world where restaurants don’t easily fail.’

We eat, we drink, we play, and of course we work hard as a team.

As a new team member

We opened in Ginza in January, 2019 as a brand-new ‘chef co-working space.’ The large dining room seats 120 guests and appears as one restaurant to the customer. However, the kitchen space is designed so that up to five chefs can work at the same time. Both the kitchen and dining room are shared by each chef, creating an innovative and forward-thinking restaurant concept
Recently, we’ve started a new wine buffet, the details of which are explained here (in Japanese):

【This is what you’ll be doing】
・Hall staff duties
・Simple assistance with food prep

【We are looking for someone who】
・is interesting in working in a ‘chef co-working environment’
・likes taking on new challenges

Cafe staff, (Full-time/社員)
Part-time positions also available!

★Desired traits
・Enjoys cooking
・Likes restaurants
・Enjoys seeing the face of a satisfied customer
・Enjoys working with a close-knit group
・Can speak Japanese at a daily conversational level (JLPT N3 or more)



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  • Dining Services Staff @GINZA Wanted!