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Looking for Aspiring Chefs to join our food revolution

The New Luncher Ltd

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  • Objectives & Responsibilities:

    ->Implement & manage the daily operations (supply chain -> sourcing, production, delivery)
    ->Liaise with e-platform ordering team
    ->Identify, build & develop strong relationships with suppliers, partners
    ->Plan expenses related to supply chain (P&L)
    ->Run cos...

What we do

The New Luncher is a flexible meal subscription service that provides children with food that is healthy, tasty, and sustainably sourced, and provides parents peace of mind knowing their children are eating well every day. Not only nutrition and taste are important for children at an early age, but also exposure to different types of foods and flavors, so children can expand their palate early on in their lives. The New Luncher’s food options provides children and parents with all these benefits, and with parents with peace of mind and more free time not planning, shopping, and cooking their meals. Every day, you can choose between 3 main choices (Western, Asian or Vegetarian + Starter, Dessert and afternoon Snack).

All food from The New Luncher is made-to-order every morning to ensure freshness of ingredients, tastiness of food, and lack of food waste. The focus is on giving the best possible healthy food at the most affordable prices to parents and kids. Most of the meat is ant-biotic and hormone free or organic, and our key ingredients are organic.

Why we do

We know how to create healthy gourmet meals that promote wellness and develop children's palates. With the knowledge that children are the future, we assist parents in keeping their children healthy and we help children become lifelong mindful and healthy eaters.

How we do

The New Luncher is a revolutionary way for busy parents to take charge of the healthy nutrition of their children outside the home. The savoir-faire in place is unique as it combines the nutritional needs of children and culinary art.  

As a new team member

A demi chef relays orders to his station cooks and ensures each menu item his station is responsible for is prepared on time. He oversees all preparation, cooking and presentation for plates. He may be required to assist with cooking, preparation and plating when station chefs are absent. Your kitchen’s demi chef also ensures that all health and food safety standards are practiced and he helps troubleshoot any kitchen issues that may arise.


Looking for Aspiring Chefs to join our food revolution
The New Luncher Ltd