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Feel bored of usual design direction, COME, JOIN US!

Vision Desire

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What we do

Vision Desire founded in 2013, we are a design agency who is dedicated to creative strategies in brand communication through different vehicles, it would be animation, interactive, motiongraphic, any kind in the visual system!

Why we do

Everyone deep down got their own vision, we try to build a bridge, a connection between a commercial product and art! That how vision desire born, we move your vision forward to achieve your desire.

How we do

We are young and fun, also flexible, we trust that when everyone got respected and they will be disciplined. We hope to grow all together, we don't want you this is just a job, we want you to grow with us!

As a new team member

General thing like AI, PS, IN, you will need to have the basic foundation, if you are not too skilful but strong in art direction, creative direction. That would be every better!
Secondly, everyone is a step forward to the digital industry esp if animation or motiongraphic is your cup of tea. Visit Us now!

Vision Desire
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  • 17f., One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
  • Feel bored of usual design direction, COME, JOIN US!
    Vision Desire