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Mobile Engineer
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Junior Software Engineer Consultant - Mobile Application Design and Development


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What we do

Founded in 2014, Brandnographer is an insight consultancy that specializes in consumer insight, user experience and innovation. We have proudly worked with visionary innovators like Google, Airbnb and IKEA.

Powered by design thinking, our Brandnographers keep digging in the field to nurture the most fruitful insight.

Currently, we are building a B2B mobile app solution that raises the skills of the workforce to help organizations meet their most difficult transformation challenges.

Why we do

We believe in the power of human-centric innovation and hope to create a world where all product and service can be driven by users. We believe in the power of ethnography. Our Brandnographers keep digging in the field to discover subtle behavior cue and eventually yield fruitful business opportunities.

How we do

1) Ethnography
Reveal targeted consumer life and behavior pattern and capture the moment of truth

2) In-depth Interviews
In-depth interviews allow researchers to dig deeper and yield richest data, follow promising leads to fruitful insights.

3) Cultural Trend
Cultural trend identifies and envisions key influencers that laid behavior changes and formulate patterns

4) Focus Groups
Focus groups uncover your customers’ goals, attitudes, perceptions and motivations. Through our focus group research, we can help directing the strategic vision and creative expression of your brand.

As a new team member

What we need:

We are looking for a junior software engineer who will be able to help build a mobile application in Swift / Objective-C. The right candidate should be comfortable at both the application coding and UI creation based on design and UX team specifications.

• 2+ years of iOS & XCode development experience
• Must be able to build production quality applications
• Passionate about mobile application design, UX and best practices
• Provide solution architecture and detailed designs in software backend
• Setup and maintain environment for software applications and backend
• Follow the development process and improve code for backend stability
• Fine-tune execution for new API / SDK, write documents and design features
• Manage SQL and related communications/interactions
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills required

• Open source contributions and public repos on GitHub ·
• Experience and/or interest in React Native
• Proven portfolio in development (Mobile app)
• Experience in Ruby on Rails and writing well-structured code
• Knowledge on AWS, UI/UX techniques and REST based API
• Experience on iOS / Android/ API platform

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  • Junior Software Engineer Consultant - Mobile Application Design and Development